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Parents leave their children believing that they are in safe hands and will be very well looked after. But the local authority should only charge them if it is reasonable to assume they can pay for the service.

Children Act 1989 Essay Sample

Parental responsibility enables a person to make decisions about the upbringing of a child. All organisations which work with children have a responsibility to recruit staffs who are suitable to work with children.

The vital case of Gillick [4] dismissed outright the suggestion that no minor is ever competent to make his own medical decisions. I have a whistle blowing policy in my setting that all members of staff have to read and agree to.

Parents are encouraged to make their own joint decisions about their children and no orders will be made by a court unless absolutely necessary. Off site we protect ourselves we have to follow the policies for off site trips and visits, we talk to the children about stranger danger and we make sure we are in the correct ratio.

The discussion will include current relevant statute law not only from English courts, but also law and legislation from other parts of the world, as well as current cases, primary and secondary sources relevant to the title argument.

Children act 1989 (England and Wales) Essay Sample

If not then the state itself would be committing a crime by letting an otherwise healthy teenager commit suicide with consent of the government. If my manager believes that the child is in immediate danger then my manager would call the police.

The main recommendation that came from this inquiry was the introduction of CRB checks and the need for them to be checked regularly. So there are two "consent keys" one held by the parents, one by the child and each capable of unlocking the door to treatment. Parents generally keep parental responsibility even if they separate or divorce.

The Children Act This is the most important piece of legislation with regards to childcare. Other reviews, such as the Plymouth SCR, was commissioned as a result of a nursery worker been found to be taking inappropriate photographs of children that were then shared on the internet, As a result, mobile phones were banned in Nurseries and kept away from children in schools.

The local authority has a duty to provide or facilitate others to provide services for children in need. Persons with parental responsibility should also be consulted, and if they object the child unless they are over 16 years old cannot be accommodated under Section 20 of this Act. Working together explains the purpose of a SCR as: This case evolved around a girl of 14 years, who had received serious burns to her skin as a result of falling into a scalding hot bath.

This involvement is also an important way in which children can gain experience so that when they do take full responsibility they have developed their abilities in decision making.

The Children Act still has a fair distance to go to ensure that all matters concerning the upbringing of a child including the child's welfare shall be the court's paramount consideration, as demonstrated in this essay by dissecting several cases where the theory and main principles have not only been successful but in instances sometimes unsuccessful.

Everyone who is working with children must have a DBS check for them to be able to work with children. The courts have strictly adhered to this statutory age limit, almost to the point of absurdity. The Children Act Produce a table outlining the current legislation and guidelines relating to safeguarding.

The main recommendation that came from this inquiry was the introduction of CRB checks and the need for them to be checked regularly. Gillick provided that a child might prove ability by meeting a functional test, and by demonstrating "a significant understanding and intelligence to enable him or her to understand fully what is proposed.

It simplified the laws that protect children and young people and made clear the duty of care for all those who work with children or young people. The courts have strictly adhered to this statutory age limit, almost to the point of absurdity.

Visitors must first sign in before entering the nursery; they must not be left alone at any point of their visit and must stay with the manager. To give local authorities LSCB the power to produce own safeguarding policies.

Family assistance orders[ edit ] The court has the power to issue a family assistance order in which a probation officer or local authority officer should be available to "advise, assist and where appropriate befriend any person named in the order".

The Department for Education DfE provides guidance for local authorities including schools. But instead their ability and capacity will gradually increase with the passing of time and with greater experience of life. Certainly, Lord Scarman had said that "the parental right to determine whether or not their minor child below the age of 16 will have medical treatment terminates " when that child acquires Gillick competence.

Child protection is the duty of all who work with children and everyone needs to be aware of the schools policy for reporting and recording suspected abuse. Children's right to be involved in decision making While it may not be too difficult to identify the areas of children's lives over which parents or other adults make decisions for them, it can be more difficult to explain why this is justified.

InLord Laming was asked to chair and Independent Statutory Inquiry following the death of Victoria Climbie and to make recommendations as to how such an event may, as far as possible, be avoided in the future. Health and Safety policies should be followed throughout the school and behaviour issues should be resolved to prevent harm to themselves or others.

This meant safer internet access was adopted in schools. This collects informations of a personal natures, provides contact details, medical informations, school lunches and how children get to school. Parental Guidance Gillick established that absolute parental control had no place in decision-making for the "mature minor".

Free coursework on The Children Act States That In Matters Concerning The Upbringing Of A Child from, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing. The Children Act of In this essay, I refer to the words Power and Duty. The word power in legal terms is the ability to do or act, which implies a choice.

Children Act Essay Sample This Act identifi es the responsibilities of parents and professionals who must work to ensure the safety of the child.

This Act includes two important sections which focus specifi cally on child protection. Ingovernments worldwide promised all children the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

These rights are based on what a child needs to survive, grow, participate and fulfil their potential. The Children Act was first introduced in and was amended in after an inquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie.

After the death of eight-year old Victoria Climbie inLord Laming was asked by the Government to carry out an investigation to know if new regulation and guidance were needed to develop the safeguard of child system in.

s(10) of the Childrens Actit details that in order for intervention to occur, the harm suffered must be "significant" under the legislation. Ie, causing impairment of health or development to the child.

The health and development is compared with that which could be reasonably expected of a similar child.

The children act of 1989 essay
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