An overview of the concept of imperialism during the 19th century

The Philippines cost the United States much more than expected because of military action against rebels.


The Muslim Kirghiz were sure that in an upcoming war, that China would defeat Russia. A commitment to autonomy might require that I allow another person to do something that I find abhorrent, not because I believe that values are relative, but because I believe that autonomy is so important that it requires me to refrain from negating the autonomous action of another free agent.

These critical theories of Geo-politics have led to increased discussion of the meaning and impact of imperialism on the modern post-colonial world. Philosophy and Practice London: Toleration has been the explicit subject of many recent works in political philosophy by Susan Mendus, John Horton, Preston King, and Bernard Williams.

Voltairewho expressed his admiration for the development of religious tolerance in England in his Philosophical Letterswas extremely worried about the tendency of religion to become violent and intolerant.

In some ways, this is such an expansion of the concept of imperialism as to be meaningless. Definition No one has ever succeeded in neatly defining the scope of economics.

The word is coined from the Latin word imperare roughly translated as 'to command'.

Libertarian socialism

To assume they are not is to assume that we are infallible. Milton's basic assumption is that the truth is able to defend itself in a free debate. It also provided crucial manpower in both World Wars.

Learn What is Imperialism With the Best Examples from History

The beauty of the argument is that if all countries take full advantage of this territorial division of labourtotal world output is certain to be physically larger than it will be if some or all countries try to become self-sufficient.

In contrast, tropical climates allegedly yielded lazy attitudes, sexual promiscuity, exotic culture, and moral degeneracy. Moral Toleration We have seen that epistemological concerns can lead us to toleration.

However, it is fairly clear that in the last several decades the idea of political toleration has succeeded in the United States and in other Western countries. One can see a more developed form of tolerance celebrated in the Stoicism of Epictetus C. This takes two forms, orientalism and tropicality.

Holy Roman EmpireList of former German coloniesand German colonial empire German colonial empire, the third largest colonial empire during the 19th century after the British and the French ones [75] German participation in imperialism was negligible until the late 19th century.

Toleration. The heart of tolerance is self-control. When we tolerate an activity, we resist our urge to forcefully prohibit the expression of activities that we find unpleasant.


Historian Richard White describes Turner and Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody) as “the two master narrators” of the American West. Each articulated powerful, if conflicting, stories: “Turner’s history was one of free land, the essentially peaceful occupation of a largely empty continent, and the creation of a unique American identity.

“American imperialism” is a term that refers to the economic, military, and cultural influence of the United States on other countries.

First popularized during the presidency of James K. Polk, the concept of an “American Empire” was made a reality throughout the latter half of the s.

Elsewhere use of the concept has rarely been precise; 'imperialism' has tended to become a term of abuse for any supposed domination which the speaker happens to dislike. To read this article in full you need to be either a print + archive subscriber, or else have purchased access to the online archive.

Nineteenth Century Imperialism In The Nineteenth Century Create a Concept Map by using the words on the board. The challenge will be to make connections between ideas, people and events. Imperialism, Colonialism, and Resistance in the Nineteenth Century Author.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec In this paper, I will be discussing at the America Imperialism in the nineteen century.


With a brief summary about what is American Imperialism and also will include why the policy was adopted and how it was rationalized, talk about an event of the times.

An overview of the concept of imperialism during the 19th century
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Learn What is Imperialism With the Best Examples from History