A discussion on the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes

Local governments may completely prohibit any type of business licensed under the act.

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For a breakdown of specific marijuana laws by state, see " Medical Marijuana Laws by State " for more details about state laws allowing for the medical use of cannabis.

THC may also decrease pain, inflammation swelling and rednessand muscle control problems.

Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized for Medicinal Purposes?

Surveys indicated the most common reasons for using cannabis were pain The act prescribes specific label warnings on every package of marijuana and marijuana products Qualified patients must possess state ID cards if they want to be exempted from the 7.

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Cannabis (drug)

Disqus commenting is available to everyone. The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and Occupational Safety and Health shall apply the same labor standards as apply to medical producers under MMRSA, including the requirement that all businesses with 20 or more employees have a labor peace agreement a 7.

The authors concluded that some, but not all, of the deficits associated with cannabis use were reversible. Qualified patients may not be denied child custody rights merely because of their status as medical marijuana users. In states that have not legalized medical use of marijuana, the charges are treated as general misdemeanor or felony drug charges.

Cocaine - often referred to as snow, flake, coke, and blow. Political leaders, US government officials, health care providers and medical organizations take differing views of the benefits and risks of medical marijuana.

Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff. Cannabis was ranked 11th in dependence, 17th in physical harm, and 10th in social harm. Marijuana is no different than morphine, no different than codeine, no different than Aspirin. The bill affords some level of protection to employers.

Read more in our Marijuana Research Report. In general, AUMA would make it lawful under both state and local law for adults 21 or over to possess, process, transport, obtain, or give away to other adults no more than one ounce Internal Site Commenting is limited to members.

Should Marijuana be legalized for Medicinal Purposes? Essay Sample

Ranked from most to least dangerous, the ten most dangerous substances were deemed to be: Solvents - volatile substances that can be inhaled, such as glue, nail polish remover, paints, hair spray, and lighter fuel gas.

Human fetuses exhibit the cannabinoid receptor type 1 in the nervous system as early as 14 weeks of gestation, and animal studies suggest cannabinoid exposure may lead to abnormal brain development.

Most reports do not show an association between marijuana use and preterm birth. The FDA requires carefully conducted studies clinical trials in hundreds to thousands of human subjects to determine the benefits and risks of a possible medication.

This condition is known as temporal disintegration. Due to possible adverse effects of marijuana on the fetus, ACOG recommends that marijuana should be avoided during pregnancy.

So it is a whole medicinal industry. A "yes" vote supported legalizing medical marijuana for individuals with specific debilitating diseases or comparable debilitating conditions as determined by a licensed state physician.

A "no" vote opposed this proposal for legalization of medical marijuana, keeping the state's more limited medical.

Sufferers of chronic pain have been faced with a perilous decision—risk a crippling addiction to opioids or find a way to live with the pain. A new clinical study has focused on medical cannabis as an alternative to opioids, and the results may be a turning point towards a safe, plant-based option.

Until its prohibition inextract of Cannabis sativa (marijuana) was one of the top three most prescribed medicines in the US. When it became illegal, its use as a medicine became restricted.

Despite these regulations, research on.

Ten Most Dangerous Drugs

Legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes has been an extremely controversial topic, one that has it supporters who have long fought the opposition.

Should Marijuana be legalized for Medicinal Purposes? Essay Sample The first was the use of marijuana for the treatment of glaucoma and the second was the alleviation of the effects that. Update June 28, - The initiative has qualified for the ballot "Joint" Legislative Informational Hearing: Marijuana Legalization.

Initiative Statute. 5/24/ The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is a marijuana legalization initiative that is being proposed for the November, California ballot.

AUMA is an elaborate, page initiative which writes hundreds of new provisions and regulations. Even if there are legitimate uses for medicinal marijuana, that doesn't mean all use is harmless. Some research indicates that chronic, heavy users may have impaired memory, learning, and processing speed, especially if they.

Marijuana legalization in Canada: What we know and don't know A discussion on the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes
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The 10,year World History of Hemp and Cannabis